Any players in Aiken, SC

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    Hi, I am moving to Aiken,SC in about 8 months and wanted to check out what teams or fields are in the area. I am from Louisiana and have been an airsofter for a long time. I was wondering if there is any thing in Aiken or within 30 minutes away. If anyone has any info please repost to this.
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    The Blue Hole airsoft field is located in Aiken. This field is does regular game days as well as special events associated with the AOSC, who gets an event together every two weeks at various airsoft fields around South Carolina. The Blue Hole, like every other field in the AOSC, gets a game roughly every two months. Information on games held in Aiken and in local cities can be found at
    Also, the Blue Hole has an airsoft team that is currently recruiting called
    Vagabond 01. Their information is also located on the AOSC website as well as their Facebook page.