Any Team Local To Pinellas County?

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    I've been wanting to join a team for quite some time now. It needs to be close since I'm only fifteen and I don't have a license yet. Reply if you have any leads.
  2. theonlyBuster

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    S. Florida
    What type player are you?
    What's your load out?
    Do you role with any specific rifle? ie DMR, support weapon...
    Where do you play? How often do you play? Have you ever been on a team?

    If you're serious about finding a team, you'd gotta basically make an airsoft bio about yourself


    INFANTRYPRO New Member

    Alright well I'm a dedicated low budget airsofters right now. I normally carry some sort of M4 either JG M4 S-System or G&G CM16 and then I always carry my H&K USP on me. I have a leg holster with a small pouch and an extra pistol magazine holder. I wear an NC Star cross draw vest with 3 M4 mag pouches. I normally play CQB or Field. I try and play every weekend at Clearwater Paintball and I've never been on a team before.