Any tips for shooting on the move?

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  1. SkyPhant0m

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    I find that when I move while shooting my gun sways a bit that cause my shots to fly way off target. Does anyone have any movement, stance, gun holding tips for me that will help me keep my gun more stable when shooting on the move?
  2. Guges Mk3

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    Nope...this is a muscle memory conditioning requirement. Practice shooting while moving that is all you can do.

  3. Shady

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    One thing I've found that helps is rolling my feet. It was something taught to us in marching band to keep our instruments from bouncing around in our mouths. Basically you start at your heel and let your foot roll forward smoothly instead of just planting your foot down. It's very difficult to do while running but if you're just moving at a decent pace it's pretty easy.
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    Practice will help to a point. But you can counter act the loss of accuracy through volume of fire. :D

    This is why those speedsofters are so obsessed with having 50-60RPS DSG builds.
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    Hold your AEG closer to you. When you hold it out more, it bounces more. You basically want to reinforce it against your body and try to shoot when you are bouncing the least. Just a technique i learned a while back. doesnt mean it will work for you. give it a try..
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    ^^ I think your answer can be found between what @Guges Mk3 and @Shady have stated above. I personally can't move very quickly and fire with decent accuracy. For instance, I'm sprinting between cover and firing wildly, I can cover 10' in about a second or maybe a little less, but not many of my shots will be on target (or even in the same postal code for that matter...). On the other side, if I'm moving slightly faster than walking, I can walk steadily making my shots much more accurate.

    I'd say that it all depends on the scenario you are in at the time. Sometimes you need to cover a wide open area quickly and you'll want to go with the sprint. Other times you only need to cover a small space, like an alleyway or breezeway between structures, and a brisk walking pace while providing your own covering fire would make for a decent option. I personally don't fire much on the move because I'd rather make it to my intended destination on the field as fast as possible leaving the enemy the smallest time-window as possible to react, aim, and hit me.

    I know I'm thinking outside the box here... But probably one of the best ways to give yourself accurate covering fire while on the move is to say something like "Hey boss... can you provide covering fire while I run over to that building? Righteous bro, thanks..." to a teammate. ;)
  7. Guges Mk3

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    Or look up and ask, " that a Mig-25?...."
  8. Splode

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    I hear aimbot helps..
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    Slow is fast... fast is slow. When I was new, playing more, and on a (slightly organized) team, that’s what they were teaching/drilling into all “us noobies”.

    Cover fire always helped. If you’re full on sprinting to get to cover, don’t even bother shooting. Good chance when you’re spotted, before their brain says pull the trigger, and that bb travels ~350 fps at you, where they aimed and shot is not where you are by the time the bb reaches your area. Even if they’re leading their shots in a off the shelf aeg doing sub 20rps.

    Just be ready to shoot at opfor who may be rushing to where you just went to.

    Just my $0.02 from playing cqb when if you rushed up just right and quick enough, you could get into certain spots that ended up behind the opfor firing line once they got to their cover...
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    stop moving while shooting. really. if you want accuracy, stop moving, then shoot. in all seriousness.
  11. mikejosephman

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    Here is something that legit helped me when I first noticed an issue. If you own a treadmill, practice running on it with your rifle/pistol/whatever. Not in a firing stance, but in a ready stance, and repeat raising your weapon over and over. Find a point on the wall (picture, light switch, etc) and keep your crosshairs or scope on it as long as possible while at a brisk pace. Once you have the motion down, as to where your weapon meets the shoulder, elbows lock, finger engages trigger, it will start to come naturally. This works best not running full tilt, because in those instances you should be less focused on firing and hitting, and more focused on covering ground.

    If you don't own a treadmill, I don't recommend this technique at the gym.


    We were taught that you can't move any faster than you would safely walk with a mug of hot coffee. The other trick is to walk by rolling your feet (heel-out step-toes).
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  13. Michael Rosa

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    Again back to speedsofters. This is why you see them often with shorter stocks.
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  15. Bulldawg26

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    1. Move using heal to toe foot movement.
    2. Pull weapon tight into shoulder.
    3. Focus on front sight.
    4. Focus on front sight.
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    As someone who did marching band all 4 years of high school (cringy, I know) roll-stepping is both quiet and very stable.
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  17. Tacticool Tuna

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    No I'm a little late but there is something you can do equipment wise to mitigate this. 1. Get a good 2 point sling. Slingster way of the gun, Vickers two point, etc. 2. If it is properly set up to you ( regular guy training has a great video on sling setup and I highly recommend watching the whole video). The sling can be used as a brace by snugging into your shoulder and back and support hand elbow creating three points of contact. Combining this with a fore grip should stabilize your front end control while staying mobile. Oh on foregrips if your running a m16 or other full length style rifle go with an afg as far forward as you can run it comfortably. If you run a shorter setup m4, mk18, pdw or such go with a vertical fore grip again as far forward as possible.