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  1. PaladinAirsoft

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    To start off, I am a newbie to airsoft,
    And I wanted to see if I picked a good sniper rifle.
    It is a SR22 w/scope & bipod. 510 fps and a metal bolt.
  2. BlueReaper46

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    FPS means nothing on a stock rifle. If you want to snipe get a UTG MK96 or a JG BAR-10 and upgrade them, itll cost several hundred dollars. Unless its just for target shooting or backyarding get an AEG

  3. KoVNinjaX3RO

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    so like blue said fps doesnt mean anything on a stock rifle, and to be honest, it probably doesnt really shoot that, and it shouldnt since you should be using at minimum .3's when it comes to sniper rifles, so itll go down to the low 400's if not the high 380's, but your range should increase. I wont way you should get this and that cause you already got what you got, but blue was right the bar 10 or mk96 mightve been better since they are more popular and more easily upgraded, but besides the fact, it seems liike a pretty good rifle. Its APS2 compatible, so you should be able to find a few upgrades for it, i would recommend either angel custom from "" or laylax from "asgi" and you could probs find em in other places but yeah. Since you are a newbie, im not gonna go too in depth of everything you should be looking for, and throw you a 1000$ worth of upgrades list since you dont even know if youll like sniping in airsoft, its nothing like in the movies, or even in real life, its actually pretty boring if you really look at it, since you actually wont be rushing or getting 20kills in a game, youll most likely and more often than not, just be recon for your team (if you have one) and maybe get 1 or 2 kills, maybe even 3 at the most if youre good. But anyways, when it comes to sniping in airsoft, fps is your last worry, accuracy and range are your bestfriends. For accuracy you need to focus on your hop up extremely, for "510" fps you should get a "hard" bucking (angel custom "long" hopup bucking, king arms is pretty good, and TM), next would be your hop up nub, get an r-hop "buffer rubber" from "ehobbyasia" (search buffer rubber by firefly) its by far the most realiable and accurate hop up nub in the market. Your barrel, for great accuracy and range you do not need a 6.01 or 6.00 barrel, the best barrel diamaters for sniper rifles are 6.03 to even 6.05, and some of the best snipers out there will tell you the same. I myself have a falcon 6.03 "Rifled" barrel from "ehobbyasia". This barrel (though costly) is an amazing barrel for accuracy. You can look it up, but ill tell you some about it. It has 8 straight grooves about 50mm deep at the very end of the barrel, and what they do is this, just like in real rifles, the rifling acts as a guide for the airflow, like in real rifles and airsoft, when you fire, think of the air as waves, the air will be traveling in all directions, and in real rifles, the spiraled rifling synchronizes that gas to start spinning in a spiral which inturns gives the bullet its spin, in airsoft these grooves, straighten the "waves" which forces the air to be pusshing the bb in a straight line rather than pushing it in all directions, and with its backsping it makes it even better, with my rifle, i am able to get 150ft shots with barely any hop up, and the shot is in a direct and straight line, and im hitting 350ft at max, with my hop up only halfway set. So all in all, its a great barrel, look into it. Your hop up unit can be standard, aslong as you have it set prefectly without anyflaws you should be fine, if you ever get more into sniping, "noobie's" TDC hop unit will be a great upgrade, look into it. Now for the internals, your spring is the last thing you worry about. Air seal is your greatest concern. The cylinder can be stock, unless you want a teflon one for looks, then thats fine. Your cylinder head, try to look for one with atleast 2 o-rings, for it will tighten up that airseal alot. if you want to upgrade your spring, even if not, you should invest in a steel or metal spring guide, so that you have no problems in the future. Your piston, you will hear the term, "swiss cheese" your piston, which means drilling holes into your piston to make it lighter. For sniping that doesnt matter, the most important part of your piston is the oring. I have an "x" o-ring, search something along those lines and youll find it. Stretching out your o-ring around the outside of your cylinder is the best thing you can do, as when you force it back in the cylinder, itll be really tight inside the cylinder which will give you a very tight airseal. Next your sear set in your mechbox, this you should get so that you have no problems with it in the future, and most importantly if you upgrade your spring. I could think of a million more things, but ill leave it at that. My tips are to read up on alot of the stickies in the "sniper rifle" forum, and do alot of research, and the first thing before you buy anything or start any project is go read up on "noobies jg bar 10 project" on Yes its a different rifle but all the mods that he does, you will be able to do to your rifle, and itll inturn make your ordinary rifle, into a perfect one, it is by far the best guide towards a perfect sniper rifle. So yeah, im sure i missed a few things if not alot but people here will also help out, best of luck, if you have anymore questions or want tips, hit me up with a pm or something and ill be more than happy to help