Any way to make hi caps quiter?

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by BlackNightBravo, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Napple

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    Agreed. I use midcaps and highcaps and when i use highcaps and i sneak around they are fairly silent. When i run i make more noise than them anyway so why would it matter?
  2. The Fox

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    Its not because you hear the rattle that your enemy hears it aswell. Too many people seem to think that you can hear that handful of BBs rattling from a mile away.

    If your enemy hears your hicap rattle, you are hit because they are standing right behind or next to you.

  3. gunerforWP

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    Fill the hi-cap all the way up, so the bb's can't move and rattle.
  4. JTFox

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    Carry extra hi cap magazines closer to the top of your chest (upper pockets), this helps them shake less.
  5. Retrospection

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    Alternative that I doubt you highly not want to do, roll step-run. When walking/running, when your heel hits the ground roll your foot forward, don't just stomp or step, roll with the ground. This decreases shaking allover the body and once mastered you can move silently with high-caps.

    I say that you probably don't want to do this for the reason that in an Airsoft battle this can be tedious and you have to focus hard on roll stepping while trying to select targets, avoid possible obstacles and etc.

    Sources: 6 years of marching band.
  6. BlackNightBravo

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    Thanks guys. I might line the interior with a piece of stretchy rubber I found.

    Lol a million rubber bands! That took a lot of work!