Anybody been to area 41 airsoft in tampa

Discussion in 'Florida Airsoft Forum' started by warriorairsoft444, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. warriorairsoft444

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    I just want to see some reviews of the place before I go
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    I'm in Tampa and I've never heard of it but I know that their are other several fields to go too... DV8 Black Tiger and BattlegroundsCQB but they're are closed because they're relocating, but the first two are good.

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    S. Florida
    Guys, the OP is asking about Area 41, not any other field, especially that's nowhere near the field in question

    Before you reply read the thread, if needed, use the following link as reference.
    Area 41 website:
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    Been there. Didn't get to play because I didn't bring my parent to sign a waiver. Make sure to bring your parents. You have to sign the waiver in front of them and with a parent as said before. They have a type of mesh around the field I prevent shots out of the field. I didn't get to actually play but it seemed to be good. It had about 10 players there at the time, noon. It wasn't packed at all. They had a booth set up for the necessities like gas, Bbs and sold a few guns. If I go back 2 weeks from now I will do a review on them on:
    Quality of field overall
    Players sportsmanship
    And a summary plus recommendation.
    Read up on the rules.
  5. warriorairsoft444

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    I did not see it on their website but is the waiver online or do I have to bring my parent
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    Hello guys! My first post. Well, I can do a little review of the place since I live very close to this field and was there last saturday to play.

    Place is a woods type play with some few structures for cover and mock up stations (I beleive there are three). Some natural ditch too. I think it has about 2-3 acre land. They sell some BB's but not a whole lot. I advice to bring your own. They do not do rental as they have no rental guns. A little tent where the registration is and a trailer where a little generator is hooked up. You can charge your Batteries there with a fee ($2. No lipo charger though). Players must be 12 and up. People there are decent and friendly. The place opens up by 9 -9:30 where you can set up your gears and 10:30 should be a start of the first game. There are scenario games that you can play, depending on the referee (operator). A game can last between 45 mins. to an hour, there will also be a lunch break, so be sure to pack up your own lunch and hydration (although nearby fast foods are along there). The place will close at five. I believe they are only open on saturdays so plan ahead.

    What to bring:
    *CASH!!!! They do not take credit or debit cards.
    *$10 for registration (plus tax)
    *gears ( they do not have rental guns or protection)
    *lunch pack
    *water or any type of hydration (they also have water available)
    *your parents if you are under age