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Anyone near Dothan?

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anyone play airsoft near dothan alabama
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Oh ok cool how far is that from like wicksburg?
I live in Daleville and am interested in beggining to play airsoft.
Nate084 said:
I live in Daleville and am interested in beggining to play airsoft.
Im opening a field in ozark
Really? Could you give me some info,, is it cqb or outdoors? When are you opening? And just some basic info.. Cause i have nowhere to play
Yeah, I live in Dothan and have a small group that I play with sometimes.
Awsome! Maybe we could meet up somewhere this summer, nd it would be a blast to play with you guys.
well i would love to join you guys this summer but my gun decidede to stop working and all it needs is a new motor but i think im going to sell it for like 60 dollars its worth it trust me its a commando sig 552 its a beast haha well when working but yea if i get a new gun i will most definetly hit you guys up.
Alright! Sweet! The more the merrier lol. Pm me if u need my #,
Hey we have a clan near Dothan and we might want to play yo just message me
Yea I do watz ur # I am interested in having a war
I live in Andalusia so Dothan is only like an hour away. If guys meet up text me (256) 425-2172.
Hey in new to Air soft trying to find a team i have atleast one person who will go to games with me i don't have most of the statically gear yet but i do have some but i thawing my partner has a set of ACUs and i have BDUs
I am near dothan I would like to play airsoft and I have a few freinds into it to contact 334-237-4063 if u have plans
I'm in midland city I've got about 6 people who want 2 play does any one have a good field close to dothan? We need to get a game going sometime soon!
I found a field in malvern real good place its called ambush alley air soft their on Facebook and they have a forum just look them up ambush alley airsoft. They got a game going Saturday if anybody is interested pm me if you have any questions.
we have a team of people in and around dothan but we ar looking for some new recruits. we are easy to get get along with but take the sport very seriously. contact us at [email protected]
i live in dothan we have 9 members we been looking for a clan to go against anyone want to have a war if u do message me and ill get u my phone number and we will schedule a day thanks.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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