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Anyone playing in Alabama?

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I'm a newbie looking to play his first airsoft match.
Does anyone play in Alabama in or around Crenshaw county?

If not, can you tell me somewhere I can go to play?
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There is an indoor field in Birmingham that is pretty popular. A paintball field in Hanceville has Airsoft games periodically. Go on Facebook. Search Alabama Airsoft. There's a few pages. Get on there. That's where information is spread.
Thanks, but I already knew about those fields. I'm looking for things in or around Crenshaw only, but okay, I'll check Facebook.
Those are pretty much it that I'm aware of. Alabama Airsoft Junkiez on Facebook is a good page.
im game

Ive been playing since 14yrs old. I stopped for a while because the airsoft park near Alexandria closed but now looking for people to play with. My friend and I are from Jacksonville, AL JSU.
if you can make it theirs a game at 2343 Hollingsworth Rd. Jacksonville AL, 36265 saturday
had to work that day :[

man thanks for the invite but unfortunately I couldn't make it that day, I hope we can schedule another day, my friend and I would love to tag along.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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