APS ACP problem.

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    Hey guys, I have an APS ACP co2 powered glock gbb. It worked fine out of the box but appeared to be missing a nozzle return spring. After a while the slide would not blow back all the way, or lock back. This meant I had to cycle it manually after each shot. I was reading the return policy when I remembered I had removed the orange tip to put a suppressor on it. That completely voided my warranty. Me, being stupid, did not think anything bad would happen if I removed the nozzle spring, and thought it might fix the problem, so i replaced the spring with a piece of stiff tubing. When I fired it, it magically transformed into a nonblowback. Then when I locked the slide back, I saw that the nozzle was completely wrecked and was shattered in three places. Does anybody think if I installed two new nozzle springs it would fix the problem? I have also ordered a new nozzle. I am stumped as to why this would happen. Keep in mind that I lubricated my gun frequently (almost too much) and I have only had the gun for 9 days. Please help! If you have a solution post here or PM me.