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Arcturus NY06 Review and Build Thread

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Hey y’all! I recently picked up the CQB variant of this from Guges, and now that my parts have finally come in, I’ll be doing an internal review as I upgrade and modify!

The review will be divided into three parts. The first will be my thoughts on the gun, review of the externals and overall design, and the OOTB performance. The second will be the review of the stock internals. And the third will be my modification and tuning process.

Feel free to post any questions, comments, or anything else y’all come up with on here.
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Any opinions on who makes them better? (Asking everyone) I kinda like these “element” gear sets for how well they seem to mesh with all manner of pinions, pistons, etc, but I have stripped a few here and there.
Are you asking about the two major gear set factories in China?
Yes. And gearsets in general. I’ve been trying different bevels/pinions/sets attempting to find what meshes the best with what recently.
There is two main China sets and then there is Taiwan sets...
Quick update on the build side of this: I‘m at 85% completion… for now. The hop unit has been partially tuned, and I replaced the barrel spring with a piece of cork, which provides more consistent pressure. Unfortunately it’s icy as frick right now, so I haven’t been out long enough to do good shooting tests, but once I do I’ll check barrel on the barrel setup and my review of the stock parts. Aside from the chamber packing, I’m still interested in exactly what I can get out of the stock setup with just an aftermarket rubber. Currently my ammo of choice is G&G .25g, which is great since the barrel voluming works out well, but I’ll at least be doing tests to see how this performs on .30g and upwards.

The major issue still in the works:

Despite having lightened my piston to 20.5g, I am still getting PME w/ an 11.1v @ around 30 RPS w/ .25g. This feels like I’m missing something, since myself and others have absolutely run similar setups without any PME issues. Tomorrow I’m going back into the gearbox to go through everything again and continue tuning. It’s rare that I get everything right on the first try, and I tend to find that the more times I work though something like this, the more refined the gearbox will be.

I’ll be checking for:

Piston drag on the GB rails (maybe polish them with some metal polish anyways), and I’ll be removing all lube on the rails, testing, and relubing with different lube (I use some different stuff). The Arcturus piston is a chunky fella and it’s possible I missed something when I checked the tightness last.

O-ring drag on the cylinder. I’ll be doing a manual check, cleaning and regreasing, and then maybe change for a buna-n ring I have around, or even trying a different piston head, depending on how it feels.

Spring binding. It has recently come to my attention that the Arcturus spring guide is actually faulty. The bearings do not rotate properly. As such, I’ll be testing different springs with a Specna Arms (I think?) QD spring guide that‘s compatible to make sure it’s not the guide’s fault.

To clarify, the gun hits PME with the stock M120 spring, and a PDI 170% I tested. PME goes away on a PDI 190%, which is roughly an M130 (gives 410 w/ .20s 3/4 cylinder and 380mm barrel). One note is that the spring gives me a bit less energy than it did in the other build, and with the little bit of inefficiency from using .20gs to chrono, I’ll probably be under 400 FPS on the 190%, so the gun will actually be field legal as an ordinary assault rifle, which gives me the choice to just roll with it as-is and ignore the PME on M120.

The question now becomes, do I really want to do that? I’m very confident the setup will handle the M130, but I’m not sure I want to give up yet on fixing the issue, especially since if I ever wanted to run a barrel longer than 265mm I’d have no full auto, since my power would go up, I‘d have to bring the spring down, and then I’d have PME again. Or I’d have to deal with running it as DMR class. While not the end of the world (15 yards MED), it would ruin the real reason I have this replica: run and gun! Move and shoot! So at the end of the day, it would be pointless.

I also have the option of giving up RPS via the motor’s handy potentiometer, but I don’t want to do that. Not yet at least.
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What indicators do you have of PME?
Future build additions:

I might try out a Lambda 6.05mm to compare accuracy, and a Maple Leaf CJ/hybrid packing isn’t out of the question.

Those Umbrella Armory J-caged bearings? I kinda want those…

And that’s about it, aside from the motor and hop rubber already in it, there’s not that much left internally to do. At least, after I sort out this darned PME…
What indicators do you have of PME?
FPS drops from 330 to 290 @ 29 RPS w/ .25g BBS w/ M120.

FPS remains extremely consistent 350 w/ M130 spring.

edit I’m also getting indicative wear on the piston as well as being able to hear the cycle stutter.
Okay, final post to wrap up this thread (for now). I’ve put the gun through another game day and everything seems to be holding up and functioning nicely, so I think it’s safe to say my work is done.

Current stats:

28 RPS


Effective range: 65 meters ish? I haven’t done anything resembling an objective test yet.

Here’s the current list of mods and parts:

T238 33K BL motor (tower bearings lubed with ceramic bicycle bearing grease)

PDI 50 degree W-hold packing

Guarder tappet plate

PDI 190% spring

Piston assembly lightened to 20g (attempting to address PME)

Gears reshimmed (too tight factory)

Cylinder polished (why not)

And then I’ve done some basic stabilization on the hop and barrel group.
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Original review updated with all of the things I dislike about the NY06 ^^
And with that the items you found were to be an issue is already being address in the Next Units

New NY06 gets Krytac Style Selector Mechanics
Dust Cover with be 416A5 style with new catch
Bearing Spring Guide was believed to be over Loctite'd, factory is being talked to about this.
Gear issue is also noticed by an OEM user and is being changed.
I'll obviously find out pretty soon, but do you know if any of these issues carry over to the Legend C.A.T. series?
Right side selector on CAT may or may not have loctite to hold in the screw...other than that, no.

The SBR you are getting will be from the same batch as your other AEG.
I must say it is really nice to be somewhat influential on the design changes, and if this company listens to its customers the sky is the limit.
I'll agree with you there. One of the few positives of airsoft being such a relatively small industry.

This guy mirroring what you are saying?

USA VP Ops is checking with shimming at factory now...
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Are you able to send that as a hyperlink? For some reason my web blockers are getting triggered. Probably some dumb crap about "firearms" being featured. :rolleyes:
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Are you able to send that as a hyperlink? For some reason my web blockers are getting triggered. Probably some dumb crap about "firearms" being featured. :rolleyes:
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