Are Mesh goggles safe?

Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by toast_crunch, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. toast_crunch

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    i have been using a full paintball facemask for some time now and i cant aim down sights and i just feel really bulky and like i stand out. I tried some normal goggles and mesh out but they fogged up a bit and thats when i found out about mesh. I was wondering with the holes and such if they are really safe. Will the bb shatter in my eye or the paint chips come off the mesh. Also, is the lower mesh safe to use?
    THis is probably really obvious but i dont know

    THanks in advance
  2. Kevin468

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    No, they are not safe.

    BB fragments could get imbedded in your eye, or a high fps/rps gun could crack the mesh and hit your eye.

    if you are having fogging problems, there are other solutions for that.

    Please do not use mesh. Doesn't matter what anyone else says, just take my advice and don't.

  3. Whalesmash

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    Mesh lower masks are fine. Mesh goggles are a big no-no. A lot of fields won't even let you play if you have mesh goggles, and its for a good reason.
  4. Tactical_Skittles

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    What goggles are you using with your lower face mask?
  5. yakantosh

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    As the others have said, mesh goggles are not generally recommended. If you are hell bent on getting them, make sure you keep yourself in medium to far range engagements where the bb would be less prone to shatter on impact due to energy loss. Save your eyes and go with a used pair of ess profile nvg's off the big auction website. If fogging is still an issue, make them into a pair of turbofans for ten dollars.
  6. theonlyBuster

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    There are various versions of mesh eye-protection that are not painted and/or are made to "pillow" a BB rather than give it a hard object to connect with and shatter. If you opt to use mesh, you REALLY need to do your homework and not buy the first pair that look cool that fit your budget.
    I personally wear mesh goggles, but I would NOT recommend them. I know the risks and even with great quality mesh eye-pro, I've STILL had some close calls. Keep in mind, eye-protection isn't just for stopping BBs, but also for keeping branches and debris out of your eyes. I've had simple twigs penetrate my mesh goggles on numerous occasions, I've gotten dust caught between fine mesh and my vision was nicely hindered for a bit of time, as I couldn't just wipe my hand over them to clear the dust build up. And don't even consider mesh on a rainy day.

    Ultimately, you should wear fully sealed eye protection, and again, you want something of quality. You only have one pair of eyes, and last I checked replacing them is not all that easy.

    As stated, if fogging is the problem, consider cutting ventilation holes into the plastic outer edge of the goggles, investing in a ventilation fan, or trying one of the MANY anti-fog remedies floating around the net. Fog is often caused by lack of ventilation, so look into things to promote ventilation.

    Again, I would not recommend mesh goggles.

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  7. toast_crunch

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    okey dokey, looks like mesh is not an option. Thanks anyway
  8. Jefzwang

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    There's solutions to fogging. Remove a bit of the foam to let air in, or use anti-fog spray. I wear goggles over my glasses so fogging, if it happened, would be a pretty big issue for me, but after poking at the foam I no longer have any issues.
  9. FireDragon76

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    Mesh goggles would probably be OK for somebody wearing polycarbonate prescription glasses, as even if the BB shattered, it couldn't fly into the eye. But otherwise I don't think they are a good idea.

    I never tried them jus because I don't like the idea of looking through a screen instead of a lens. But I've never tried them. I'm not that happy with most airsoft goggles, though. Most are too narrow. But if you don't wear glasses they should be fine. I think the Lancer Tactical vented goggles would be a pretty good choice- they fog less, but they still fog. Guard Dogs goggles have anti-fog lenses as well and the company supports their products.

    Mesh lower masks work good enough to stop BB's from busting your teeth or getting serious bruises but they are just as inconvenient in my experience as paintball masks. And they never fit just right with goggles without heavy customization (that often just looks ugly in the end unless you are willing to strip down the mask and rebuild it). And even with the better "cheek weld" and sighting, you are still going to have to adjust the elevation some because the cheek weld you do get will not be the same as without a mask.

    A simpler option might be, if you have a better gun with sturdy metal rails, to invest in a riser for your sights.
  10. Raven1st

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    Mesh goggles are unsafe because the paint chips off and there is a possibility of a shattered BB making it's way in.

    Most goggles can be made useable if you remove some foam covering the vents (military goggles have this to protect the user from helicopter rotor wash) or by cutting slightly larger vents.

    Several brands of goggles have prescription lens inserts (Revision comes to mind). Pair that with decent anti-fog and you will have a nice setup.
  11. yakantosh

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    Just another example of where mesh fails, using a lower as an example. I got shot in the face from a foot away through a window today, and the shot hit me in the lower mesh. The bb shattered and sprayed my face with shards, braking skin on my chin. Had that shot been six inches higher and if I were wearing mesh goggles, the result would have been a fun trip to the hospital.