Are not all 9.6v batteries created equal?

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    I've noticed something odd.

    I have an Elite Force 9.6v 1600 mAh (hereinafter "EF") butterfly battery, and an Enrichpower (hereinafter "EP") 9.6v 1600 mAh butterfly battery, but the EP seems to have much better trigger response.

    I just got a brand new Krytac Trident CRB and was testing out the trigger response.

    I noticed that with the EF, there's a very noticeable winding-up before the shot. With the EP, the shot is almost immediate (about 2x quicker). This was apparent even after topping off both batteries. My CRB also seems more prone to the trigger locking up in semi mode with the EF.

    I am unable to discern any difference between the two apart from branding; there's not much to go on. One came with my G&G CM16 Raider CQB, and the other one I bought concurrently at the store.

    Any thoughts? I'm worried I'm going to have to research batteries now before buying.

    P.S. I'm not interested in LiPoly as they seem like a hassle. I go months between airsoft sessions, and don't want to deal with something that will light my house on fire if I leave it alone.
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    Different amperage. Or your EF is dieing.

  3. Lefse

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    Are the two batteries the same age with about the same number of charge cycles? I'm guessing the EF battery is more worn. Also, li-po batteries aren't nearly as voltatile as you think and there's not nearly as much hassle as you think. I've had much less hassle and problems with li-po's than with ni-mh batteries.

    I've left li-po's on the shelf for a year at a time and the most exciting thing that happened was a drop in cell voltage of a few hundredths of a volt. I also have a friend that nearly burnt down his house when he overcharged his ni-mh battery.
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    I will verify that nimh batteries are no more safe than any other battery. I have only had nimhs go up in flames in very dramatic ways, once inside a gun, and never had issues with lipos. Lipos are used in pretty much everything anymore. Cell phones, laptops, tablets, watches, and the list goes on and on. There is a reason nimh batteries have been phased out in modern technology. Lipos are simply superior to nimh. Don't fall for all the drama and hearsay, nimh is old technology and Lipos are new technology. Don't fear progression.
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    Possible factors are :
    Age/number of times charged
    Amperage (C rating)
    Material quality - it is possible that the EP battery uses higher quality materials that hold more power and have less internal resistance.

    Not to turn the focus of the thread into "why you should buy a lipo", but I was actually extremely skeptical to buy a lipo. It turns out that they are actually more robust than NiMh and I will never go back.

    I think that you should give LiPo a chance, considering a low discharge 11.1 LiPo would absolutely blow both of your 9.6v out of the water.
  6. angryrice87

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    Thanks for the replies everyone. For all the physics courses I was required to take in college, I'm embarrassed to say I forgot about amperage. Then again, that was 10 years ago...

    Based on the replies so far, I'm slowly turning toward LiPo.

    If I exclusively use semi... which would be better: 7.4 or 11.1? My Krytac has the stock mosfet, but I've heard that even still 11.1s can wear down internals faster.

    Will 7.4v LiPo be safe for a stock G&G CM16 Raider?

    Also, do LiPos tend to last longer for play? One 9.6v generally lasts me a whole day. It would be a relief not to worry about needing multiple batteries for a play session.
  7. Lefse

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    A 7.4V li-po will be safe for any AEG, and if it has similar capacity it should last at least as long as your old ni-mh battery. You should never drain it below 3 volts per cell though, as this can several damage the cells. This is the main downside to li-po's, but it's easily avoidable.
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    This is off-topic and you should start your own thread for questions that are unrelated. However, I will answer your question.

    SPR is a RS convention standing for Special Purpose Rifle. In order to make all their models follow a 3 letter abbreviation convention, Krytac shortened the word "Carbine" into CRB, hence we get the Krytac CRB.
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    Sorry, I had two threads open at once, I meant to post that question in the other thread.

    Was not trying to D-Rail this thread... i'm in this thread to learn/research all aspects associated with airsoft equipment.

    Was on my iPhone and opened this one by accident, I promise to try and pay better attention in the future!