Are the officially licensed HK MP7 AEGs any good?

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by Xelleld, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. Xelleld

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    Title says it all. I don't know much about what AEGs are the best, but I have an electric HK P30 and it's served me well.
  2. Graywolf75

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    I'm assuming you mean the umarex hk mp7? They are plastic gearbox crap. Don't buy it if it doesn't have a metal gearbox if you aren't just playing backyard.

  3. mikejosephman

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    The correct and only answer is no.
  4. MetaLcorE

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    The Marui mp7 that's unofficially licensed is definitely worth a look. It's a metal aep gearbox, plastic body, 240 or so fps. But if you really want an electric mp7 there is that or the well r4 which is a direct clone and it's worth a look just to try out. With some Teflon mods, a better bucking/ barrel, lipo mod, and a tighter spring you could have a sweet little cqb gun.