ARES G36CV and the Electric Blowback

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    So I took a risk with the $50 Evike BoA and I lucked out and ended up getting this (

    I just took it apart to enable the electric blowback, but I read that it uses mechanical blowback. I plan on using this gun as a backup probably, but will the EBB stress the gearbox that much? Is it worth it to just disable it and leave it at that? I'm running a 9.6v nimh battery in it.
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    Not so sure of stress on the gearbox, but it cut my battery time in half.

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    There is a shuttle on top of the GB thats driven by the piston.This shuttle inturn moves the fake bolt back and forth providing the EBB.Over time this cant be good on the piston,and may increase the likelihood of premature piston failure.I dissabled the EBB on mine.Its a fairly straight forward procedure to disengage it.

    There is a strap on the back of the GB held in place with two bolts.Remove the bolts,then remove the strap.After removing the strap,the shuttle can be slid backward and off the top of the GB.