ARES G36CV upgrade opinions

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    I'm looking to upgrade this fantastic replica known as the HK ARES G36CV.

    Stock it shoots 400 fps w/.2 BB's. as is consistent at 360 +/- 3 w/.25's.

    It shoots well stock, 150 ft 9/10 body shots, max range is about 180.

    Recently I installed a Angel Custom 370mm 6.01 barrel w/ madbull red bucking and h-nub.
    The weird thing is it has nearly ZERO consistency . Ranging from 370-390 w/.25's.
    Although I did this in the dark so I have no real idea about its new range or accuracy.

    So I decided to compile some upgrades and I'm unsure of what to get.

    Currently I have the Prowin Cnc aluminum hop up chamber, on the purchase list.

    Looking for ideas on the following; cylinder, cylinder head, piston head, air nozzle.

    My local shop (which will provide the labor) installs madbull full metal teeth pistons (which I like).

    I'm unsure if I should buy the Systema Energy cylinder set

    Or list 2)

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm limiting my selections to US based retailers.

    Oh depending on FPS, I'll be running either a M120 or M130(currently in gun). I plan on using an 11.1v lipo, 25C continuous 50 burst.

    Motor, gears, bushings/bearing, Tappet, and all proprietary parts will remain the same.
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