ARES M4 W/ Chip FG12061563

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    Hello everyone,
    I’m absolutely new here and am here for some assistance in repairing my Airsoft gun. I have an ARES M4 with some kind of chip in the gearbox that I need to get up and running. Mine from what I last recalled worked fine, I just need a new battery and a PEQ box so I can properly use the stock (came with magpul parts) My brother has the same gun, but his just does not work, even with a charged battery. I am by no means an engineer with this who trusts himself to dismantle the gun without knowing what he’s doing first, and I just cannot seem to figure out what gun this is. It was purchased I believe around 2013/2014 from Godfather Airsoft in NJ and barely used since. I’ll include whatever photos I can, if anybody knows the type or is farmiliar with common issues or repairs needed for these rifles please drop a comment, I’d really appreciate it. While we are at it, if someone can tell me what the best battery to use would be, best location for a PEQ, etc. it would help. Thanks a lot everyone!

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