ARES or G&G L85A2/SA-80?

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    Hi there,

    Looking at purchasing one of the two. I know the G&G L85 is a slightly shorter variant, however I was wondering if anyone on here would know of the quality and general reliability of either or both? I'd be buying a SUSAT as an additional extra, so any thoughts or experience on that also would be appreciated.


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    I have no history with the L85 but I do own 4 G&G guns. I have one Ares gun,a G36. The G&G's are well built and never give me a problem. Yes, I've had to replace a hop-up bucking here and there, but thats not unusual. The Ares Gun to me, is not as well engineered. Specifically , the fire selector switch indexes itself via a small spring loaded ball bearing that rides on the outer surface of the polymer receiver. This wore out fairly quickly and I McGivered a better solution that indexes a small ball bearing aginst the outside of the metal lever. Its not as pretty, but it works and shows no sign of failing. I know G&G used to be known for very poor quality when it started, but I think they've overcome that. G&G's are reliable. Ares...I'm not so confident to say that.

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    The Ares is meh. Similar to all Ares guns, except the externals are nothing special, as all the L85 replicas have great externals. The internals are the same ol' same ol' when it comes to Ares. The worst part is that the hop up system is integrated with the gearbox shell, making any repairs difficult to do with the gun.

    The ICS L85 Is a decent replica, and does have that nifty spring guide feature. Able to back out the spring guide to quickly change the fps of the gun without having to open it up. It takes standard parts and isn't too difficult to upgrade. The problem here is that the trigger system is funky, and a little odd to wire to a mosfet. The hop up is also problematic, and doesn't work all that well. Neither of these are replaceable.

    The G&G L85 has the most aftermarket support of the 3 quality L85s on the market. The hop up is a standard M4 hop up chamber, SHS makes replacement gears, or you can mix and match gears. The tappet plates are replaceable, but the cylinder is the only part that no longer has after market support, as the only company that made them went under. Now, the problem with the G&G is that it precocks the piston (like the PSG-1), and that it has a 19 tooth piston, which is a bit longer than your normal pistons. This means high rates of fire are not the best idea without short stroking the system. It's not difficult to modify the gun so that you can have a higher rate of fire, It just has to be done.

    In their stock forms, the G&G probably has the best performance. The precocking is a nifty feature, and allows the use of lower powered batterys and you still get excellent trigger response. But, they all should perform well out of the box. You just have to look at each one and decide which one fits you the best.
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    I've heard many great things about the ICS L85, not a fan of ICS in general but I really like their L85.