Ares Tavor external mods

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    Here's an update on my DSG Tavor:

    Replaced the long barrel with a Dboys m4 carbine length.
    Trimmed off the hopup gearbox lip so it can be removed without opening up the gearbox.
    Chopped up the front end to fit a 7.4v 35c 2200mAH or 11.1v 25c 1600mAH inside the handguard.


    top is the OEM barrel and hopup

    modded Ares hopup (normal m4 one piece hopup can easily be modded but i didn't have a spare to test with).


    i filed down grooves to lock the barrel into place: (no need for screws or extra hardware). yeah, i screwed up a few times... LoL
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    this idea is off the S&T Tavor..
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