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  1. Killshot_Jon

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    Would you guys consider a mirror prism sight cheating?
  2. Axis

    Axis New Member Supporting Member

    No. It's a piece of equipment that can be used to your advantage, just like a red dot scope.

  3. shlunka

    shlunka New Member

    Not cheating at all, I'd actually think these would be encouraged at most cqb arenas, since it removes most reasons to blind fire around a corner "which is stupid and should never be done in an airsoft game".
  4. Sophomore

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    Blind firing in airsoft is dangerous because of the possibility of some one popping out 5ft in front of your 400fps gun without you knowing it.

    The prism still limits your field of vision so it's still dangerous.

    No, it's not cheating, but can still be considered blind firing.
  5. Grudge

    Grudge New Member

    The field admin will decide if it is allowed or not., dangerous...yes, waste of money...maybe.
  6. Protectionperfection

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    some fields around here allow it others dont. Its not a direct line of sight so thats where the problem lies. Blind firing is not having a direct line of sight at 75% of my local fields, the others are if you can see them, shoot them. mirrors or prisms are allowed
  7. theonlyBuster

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    Not cheating at all if used correctly.

    If you're looking into a mirror taking shots around corners, then yes cheating and unsafe.
    If you're using the mirror to look around a corner, it's fine.
    If you're using the mirror to look around a corner and telling your teammates where enemies are, and letting teammates pop-shoot while you target; yes it's fine.
    If you're looking through a mirror and toss a grenade around a corner (blindly), no not cheating.

    As airsoft rules USED to say "first person line of sight shooting only"
  8. champo98

    champo98 New Member

    It's not cheating, unless your using it to fire around a bunker without being able to be shot back. I would buy one if my field wasn't so plain, without corners just like arena style play with no "tactical" things at all. No corners to check ect.
  9. covertslayer

    covertslayer New Member

    In my opinion, it would be very easy to transition from firing with the mirror to blind-firing. If you use the mirror to fire at someone who is running, the limited field of vision will make it extremely difficult to stay looking at him. In the heat of the moment, the person will likely quickly aim the gun's barrel a bit farther than the person in order to fire in front of the target. By doing so, the person now is blind-firing. Also, the mirror will probably get a lot of unobservant/far-away people angry as they will not see the mirror and think you are blind-firing.

    Hopefully that makes sense.
  10. YoYo-Pete

    YoYo-Pete New Member

    By definition: Blindfire is when a person fires a weapon from behind an object and does not reveal themself.

    So it's not about if you can see your target or not, it's about revealing yourself when you shoot. So by definition I would say it's illegal to use to shoot because you are still blindfiring.

    Edit: Should have added theonlyBuster is 100% correct in my opinion.
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  11. covertslayer

    covertslayer New Member

    I would have to respectfully disagree. Blind-firing's definition is in the name. You are blindfiring when you are firing blindlyi.e. not being able to see where you are shooting. A quick google search says:"Firing without being able to see the target area, such as holding a paintgun over the top of a bunker and shooting without...

    Generally yes, people shooting from behind cover is blindfiring but the mirror is (somewhat, check my above post) an exception. However, I'd also add that the maneuver is a little bit cheap and still potentially a safety issue.
  12. YoYo-Pete

    YoYo-Pete New Member

    Wikipedia says "Blindfire is when a person fires a weapon from behind an object and does not reveal themself. While performing this, the person usually does not know where he is aiming and is thus shooting "blindly"."

    I guess we just interpret is differently even though symantically it states usually which mean it isnt always the case and states that 'is when' meaning is defined.

    But I think it doesnt mean that you are blindly firing your gun. It means as to fire from a blind. As in to fire without presenting yourself to the target which typically means you cannot be seen.

    I guess if the mirror thing is allowed, then you could interpret that as blind fire means not seeing your target.
    If the mirror thing is not allowed, you could interpret as it means as not presenting yourself as the mirror does allow you to see the target.

    FLUGMERKUR Schatten Gruppe Staff Member

    I know this is a dead thread, but whatever.

    If I stood out in the open with no cover whatsoever, and I was firing my gun with my eyes closed. I would be blind firing.

    Thus, blind firing has nothing to do with how much cover you have, or how much of a target you present yourself as. It simply means you cant see where you are shooting.
  14. Nelson

    Nelson Review Guru Supporting Member

    I agree completely. At our field we define blind fire as "Not having positive control over the weapon." in other words, you're not controlling the shots you take because you can't see what you're shooting at.
  15. AirInsurgent89

    AirInsurgent89 New Member

    But honestly if you poped out an saw someone and you knew where they were at. I hate that you can't put ur gun out and shoot at him. It's not like they have real recoil how far off could your shots be. That's just my opinion though I'm fairly new to airsoft but played paintball for a while.

    FLUGMERKUR Schatten Gruppe Staff Member

    Yeah, I hate that too. But if that were allowed than we would have noobs claiming they were doing that when they are actually just blind firing.
  17. henikmatt

    henikmatt New Member

    I don't think it's cheating. I do it when I'm pinned down behind a bunker and I need to get the enemy off me so I can get to a different bunker. It can help and anyway the odds of hitting someone are kinda low anyway.