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    Jesus @brokenarrow you're still alive? I remember when you started this thread. It warms my heart to see it still going years later. I've been sifting through your builds... not too shabby :cool:
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    Yep still here! Just more money now
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    So my teching has been getting a lot better recently, enough that I’m doing friends builds under a “business” name now! Mostly doing HPA installs (cheaper than amped, slightly better quality) and basic repairs to AEGs.

    Aside from that update I’ve done
    -HPA in my SR25
    -12:1s in my MP5k
    -motors and such in a couple guns
    -HPA 249 install
    -HPA stoner install
    -HPA ares M110 in the works
    -planning to do an Arsturus AK soon
    -2 KWA VM4s coming in for identical builds
    -Sig MPX will be getting a tune up soon
    -1919 build soon!!

    And a lot of other cool projects coming up!