AS Fantasy Premier League Thread

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    Before anything, yes it's free. If you win the league, you'll get $15 from me.

    Since the Premier League is starting again on Saturday, I thought it might be cool to get an AS league going if people are up for it.

    Same idea as Fantasy Football if you've played that, just for soccer(...) and I think a bit less complicated. You have £100m and you have to pick a 15 man squad, choosing 11 of those for your starting 11 each week. You get points for how well your players perform each week. You can make transfers throughout the season. The winner will be the person with the most points at the end of the season.

    If you want to join, follow this link - and create an account. To join the AS league do the following: 1. click on 'Leagues', 2. click on 'Join a League', 3. select 'private league' and click 'next', 4. enter this code '586756-272341'.

    If you do join post the name of your team so that everyone knows who's who.
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