ASG AK47 or CYMA AK47 028

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    As the title reads.

    I'm looking to buy a cheap AK and both of these costs as much at my local shop. They are a bit different of course. But I'm gonna have to make a decision and want it to be the best.

    I'm torn.

    Thanks ahead for pushing me in either direction.

    ASG AK47
    CYMA AK47

    EDIT: fixed links


    ASG AK47
    CYMA AK47
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    I was not familiar with that ASG AK so I clicked the link. Here is a snippet from the gun's description:

    "Using 0.12 g BB you get a muzzle velocity of 71 m/s or 233 fps"

    You should never use .12g BB's in your guns. They are crap and will damage your weapon. The fact that ASG chrono'd this gun using .12g BB's makes me think it has to be an LPEG (low powered electric gun). You should probably avoid this gun. Most AEG's you would actually want to use chrono at least around 300fps.

    CYMA has a well founded reputation as a bugdet/starter brand. I own two CYMA models and they perform quite well without breaking the bank. The CYMA model 028 is often recommended on these forums as a good starter gun. I would go with it.

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    The CYMA doesn't specify which model. CYMA has AEGs as well as LPEG rifles, and the 2 are NOT the same or even in the same class. AEGs are for actual field play, LPEGs are horrid devices that simply cannot perform anywhere near the caliber of what you'd want. If it's an AEG go for it, if it's an LPEG, avoid. The link doesn't specify (in English at least). So I can't recommend it based off that link.

    The ASG appears to have the specs for a LPEG.

    That being said, based off the information given, neither are good options to buy. You do NOT want a LPEG for field play.

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    In my rush to get some links for example I didn't really check them real good. Appearently ASG has multiple versions of the AK47. Sorry for wasting your time. But maybe now the rifles can actually be comparable.
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    It's fixed now. I'd guess that they are the same; I'm pretty sure that ASG is a rebrander, so I would go with the Cyma. They are very nice beginner guns, quite solid.