asg mk 23 NBB gas performance problem

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    hi, today i went to test my pistol and i noticed a HUGE problem.
    when i first used the pistol i remenber that 1 gas refill would give about 30-40 BB's. but when i tested it today i only got 6. i tried in both my mags and they are both like this.
    this is a big problem because i would need to refill gas 3 times to use a full mag.

    some things i noticed.
    when i first pulled the trigger, the gun was stuck and i had to physically pull the "pin" in the back of the gun down. and the gun was dropped a few feet a few weeks ago.

    can someone tell me what can i do? never mind the warranty because the gun is all scratched.
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    After checkibg this guide ( ) i am 70% sure what the problem is.
    I did almost everything this guide says not to do.
    I filled mag for over 10 sec, i clicked the release valve to empty the mag, i stored the mags completly empty. So im guessing i need new o-rings.

    Can someone confirm if this might be the problem? I would like to know before opening the mags.

    Ps: if the o-rings frooze, wont they "unfreeze" after a few minutes?

  3. krix0cris

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    i tried to refill the mag with gas to check if leak was in mag and i cant hear anything. i cant hear any leak in the mag. my guess is that the leak is in the pistol or the pistol is using too much gas.

    need help pliz. i need to know if i can repair the pistol or if i must send it back to factory for repairs
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    1. The whole "don't fill your mag for more than 10 sec" isn't exactly right. Magazine tanks are different sizes, as is the pressure where you are and the amount of gas in your can of green gas or propane tank. That being said, sometimes 10 sec isn't enough, SO realistically, you fill the turn the mag upside so the fill hole is facing up. The green gas/propane tank will be upside down. Fill in 7-10second INCREMENTS. That is to say, fill for 7-10 seconds then STOP. Give the mag a couple seconds, then give it another 7-10 second fill. Continue to do this until you no longer hear the sound of gas seeping into the mag. Don't stress above overfilling. If your mag over-fills, when you release the gas tank, the mag will expel the excess gas, thus equalizing itself out.

    2. If O-rings freeze, give them time to thaw out. Now constantly freezing them isn't good and in some cases can degregate them quicker. So give the O-rings adequate time to thaw out / warm up as well as check them every so often to confirm that they are properly lubricated and not try or cracking. If they O-rings do start to crack just replace them. O-rings are dirt cheap.
    O-rings typically freeze when you're expelling gas out the mag quickly. This can be pressing the release or firing a lot of shots in rapid succession.

    3. Don't expel the excess gas from your mag. Contrary to popular belief, leaving gas in your mag is a GOOD thing. It keeps pressure on the seals, thus giving them some longevity. So whether you're done playing or storing your gun, leave a bit of gas in the mag. BUT for safety reasons you should remove the mag from the gun.

    These are just some things that crossed my mind as I quickly read through your post.

    If there are problems after trying what I mentioned report back. You had quite a bit of thoughts going on so I blanketly replied not sure what problems were still remaining and which were fixed.

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    first of all thank you for the reply.

    i had the day off from work today so i decided to check the mags and pistol. i found a guide on how to check the mag for leaks (luckly it was same mag) and the mag was in good condition. so i decided to start dismantling the pistol.
    i didnt found anything about the asg mk 23 so i just did it carefully not to break anything. after inspecting the insides, i saw no problem and nothing was broken or even cracked. (i did brake a small plastic part when i tried to put it back together but its not a important part).

    after all this i tested the pistol again and the problem remained.

    i was putting the pistol back in the bag when i decided to check if the manual that came with the gun had anything helpfull.

    this will amuse you :)

    turns out my mistake was filling the mag upside down. i tried to fill it as shown in the manual and the pistol was ok (about 40 bb's in 1 gas mag).

    so it turns out the problem was the way i filled the gas.

    but i guess i got to learn how a pistol and mag work on the inside, so its not all loss.