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  1. cysko

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    Hey Im wanting to know who plays around the Augusta area. Me and my friends play often so if you wanna join is you can, I don't know when our next war is yet since school started and some of em are in College but If anyone's interested just send me a message and I'll tell ya when the next game is.

    We play in fields so no CQB, unless we went up to Atlanta but most of us have way to powerful guns for that. We mainly play with 450 fps-500 fps AEG's but if you want more info just reply to this thread or message me.
  2. CoreySargent18

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    I am just moving to Fort Gordon I'm 18 looking for a place to play I really don't see any??

  3. smokeandshoot

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    Is this still going on?
  4. Overseer-23

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    Fort Gordon
    Hey guys! I am trying out for a milsim team in Grovetown! I know they don't have many members but they are skilled! Check their page on here it is U.W.T.F. Milsim

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  5. allmarineallthetime

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    You guys should try elite ops airsoft there pretty good Check them out at