Avalon Gearbox Compatibility

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    Hey, I have a highly built VFC Avalon gearbox. I've got a couple of lowers laying around and it wont fit any of them. Anyone know a cheap receiver set it will go in by any chance? Airsoft is so ridiculous sometimes. I found the Avalon receiver sets for sale, but by the time I order it from over seas with shipping its like 280$. I could buy the whole gun for just a little more. Its the same with other receivers I've seen as well, might as well but the whole gun. Only reasonable receivers I've seen are the APS F1 receivers. I don't know what will fit in them and I'm def not going to use a "silveredge" gearbox.
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    It is more compatible with Taiwan made AEGs.

    Sadly in todays Airsoft industry...more and more is less compatible than say 15 years ago.
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