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    I was just wondering if this mask http://www.evike.com/products/45174/ would be any good. I have an airsoft event coming up at the local corn maze next month, and need to get some gear. I'm tired of wiping off the walmart mask lens every 10-15 seconds or so. I want to do something with mesh. If you have any other recommendations, that would be good also. I have heard of a goggle/mesh mix, but I don't want to pay money for that, and then have them fog up like the other ones.
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    No, that mask will not be good. The paint on that mask will chip and could hit you in the eyes when BBs hit it or worse the BB itself will fragment and hit you in the eye. It doesn't look super comfortable or secure either.

    The reason you are wiping your goggles all the time is because you bought some ****** ones from walmart. Take the $25 you would spend on this mask, and find yourself some surplus ESS or Revision goggles on Ebay or a B/S/T group. Then take another $20 and buy a lower mesh mask if you feel the need for lower face protection. A half decent set up shouldn't cost you over $50 really. Not a lot of money you should have to spend to protect your face.

    Don't ever consider mesh goggles or masks to protect your eyes, paint or BB fragments are known to pass through the mesh and can hit you in the face or eyes still. And most fields (if not all) will require mesh goggle users to wear protective glasses underneath the mesh mask as a double safety.

    So long as your goggles are of good quality, you shouldn't have a problem with fogging, even with a mesh mask. The key feature of the mesh is to keep it open and allow ventilation when you are sweating and breathing hard into the mask. If you wrap your face in a neoprene mask or wrap yourself in a shemagh or balaclava, well that's a different story and you are more likely to fog up as those thick materials will trap all the heat and force it up towards your eyes which leads to your goggles fogging.

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    Those full face wire masks are legit trash. Profiles and a cut mesh mask are the way to go imo
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    Have you looked at the Division S.I.X. Mesh mask?
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    A separate mesh lower will solve a lot of your fogging issues because of the better airflow. You can get a mesh lower for 10$ shipped of Ebay.

    Surplus ESS or Revision goggles are ~20$ shipped on Ebay, and once you remove the foam over the air vents it will have great airflow and zero fogging.