Awesome DIY Flat Hop in one photo

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    Things you will need:

    Rubber stamping mat
    Hobby knife


    Go to AC Moore or similar type craft store and ask for a "Rubber Stamping Mat". Not a pad. A mat. The pad is what holds the ink. A mat is used as a rolling surface. They are 8mm thick and the PERFECT consistency for hopup nubs.


    As you can see I cut a 5mm x 6" strip of rubber mat. Now is where the patience is needed. Good thing there is plenty of rubber mat. I cut 20-30 before I was happy with the end result that functioned with my hopup.
    Like a moron, I didn't take a pic of the final hopup assembly. When I set it and it looked amazing, there was no way I was pulling it back apart.

    This would make a great base material for anyone who is looking to make any shape, length or height nub. It is tough but flexible.

    I only have about 100' out of a window at my house. With a quickly adjusted 9×24 scope and quickly dialing up the hopup I was getting incredible groupings.

    The shots looked like a pitcher's baseball that "boosts" half way to the plate. The trajectory looked amazing with no stupid hook in a general direction. I can't wait to get it to some longer distance opportunities.