Bad experiences that just make you want to quit Airsoft!

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by Savior, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. Savior

    Savior New Member

    I'm sure everyone here has had at least one bad day due to their passion for Airsoft. I sure have.

    Here is a list of bad experiences that I have had or otehrs have told me about that have just made me want to give up the hobby.

    • Being ripped off, either in a trade or online sale. This just recently happened to me, check here: for details.)
    • Injury. Twisting an ankle while running or getting shot in the eye due to faulty safety gear always sucks. Being in traction for a week in the hospital can really make you reconsider how much playing airsoft is worth to you.
    • The general lack of awareness about airsoft. Nothings worse than constantly hearing about how paintball or other sports are more "realistic" than airsoft or somehow more fun. It gets old.
    • Ignorance about airsoft and the law. This cuts both ways. There are states where owning or purchasing airsoft guns are completely legal, but uninformed or pig-headed officers of the law can arrest you (Or worse!) for using your airsoft equipment on private property. On the other hand, you may one day find yourself playing with a group of idiots who think it is appropriate to misuse their equipment, either misrepresenting their gear as actual firearms in public or shooting at the non-playing public, which can get your whole group arrested.

    I know there is a whole lot more, but I leave that to you.
    Feel free to add your own experiences to the list!
  2. Scarred

    Scarred Active Member

    Getting flipped off by another player, codsofters, and the fact that there are more paintballers.

  3. Duke

    Duke New Member

    Tapping a young kid out to save him the pain of a point-blank shot and him turn around and put 5 4 rounds into my stomach because he doesn't surrender.
  4. hakdaddy

    hakdaddy New Member

    Adults that act like children, and think they are so tough because of their expensive gun. One instance in particular comes to mind, with an overweight man yelling at kids to get to the front lines while waddling there himself, then laughing about how stupid they where for listening to him. And he shot his team mates with an air rocket before a battle started to see if it was working. He didn't know the team mate he shot, he just picked some random kid, who I knew, and shot him in the back.
  5. Drainsla

    Drainsla New Member

    I just don't find airsoft as interesting as when I first started. It's pretty much not fun unless your winning and wiping out everyone. It makes you want to change tactics or modify your gun. I just hate, hate, hate when you get chewed by the small fries for not letting them get that kill so their K/D rises. The worst thing is their K/D is maybe .00001 on the best days:) Ah the life of a codsofter.
  6. Maxuhmize

    Maxuhmize Active Member

    Mine was when this guy passed the CQB fps limit by turning his hop-up down. Before the match started he turned it up. But when we started playing, right as I turned this corner from about a foot away he shoots me all over but my hand took the most of it. I was so mad the rest of that day not only about his FPS, but the fact that he didn't safety kill me either.
  7. FSTK

    FSTK Member

    I don't feel as bad as you do. Most likely he didn't see it the same way you did. He thought it was just fun and games. The rest obviously thought differently.
  8. Shady

    Shady Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    Please use the what makes you mad in airsoft thread.
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