Balaclava for Military Use needed

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    Hey Guys and Girls!
    As I'm joining a military unit which is often at exhibitions and stuff, I'd need a black adjustable balaclava with a very slim fit (maybe for women?), as I've got a small head.
    For reference - I've already tested a few Under Armour Balaclavas and they were ways too big.

    It should look like this but in black:

    I'd be really glad if you'd give me some suggestions and thank you very much in advance!
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    Hate that no one replies on here, maybe Oakley? But I feel like they might be similar to UA in fit. Oakley does have a better variety of styles though.

    I got a few cheaper options from Emersongear for work and they held up through this last winter. The few I ordered the year before we're super tiny because apparently they were in Asian sizing.
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    I use the Maxit Headgator and love it. Lots of functionality and lots of different ways to use it. As the weather is supposed to be fairly cold here in the morning (38 F) I'll be using it for my early morning skirmishes and then we'll see if it warms up some later. Mine was given to me by a friend that's a former Air Force DMR, but they're pretty inexpensive, too, at $15-$20.
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    Thank you guys for the quick answers! I will order your suggestions, test them at work and give you a quick update! ;)