Ballahack is opening an airsoft store

Discussion in 'Virginia Airsoft Forum' started by Watchalewknat, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Just in case you guys haven't heard, the biggest field on the east coast (Ballahack) is opening a retail store that will see all sorts of gear and airsoft products in the Chesapeake (Greenbrier area).

    They already have a store front purchased and from the sounds of things should be open in the next month the or two.

    Who else is excited? The only other airsoft store I actually look forward to visiting in Virginia is the airsoft GI store but that is a 90 minutes ride from Hampton Roads for me.
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    Have been to Ballahack Outdoor a couple times since they opened. Gotta say: EXTREMELY IMPRESSED at their selection of airsoft guns, parts, employee expertise, tactical gear ... should I keep going? If you're in the Chesapeake area - stop by and check them out.
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