Ballistic/Riot shields?

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by FireTeamMajestic, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. FireTeamMajestic

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    Does anyone use ballistic or Riot shields when playing airsoft? I mean, I kinda figured that they'd be rare on official fields, but in privates games, perhaps they would be seen more? If so, anyone have pictures or guides to making a basic one?

    (I did have my own heavy-duty reinforced cardboard ballistic shield, but I was looking to make something better)
  2. covertslayer

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    It's very rare. Using a shield can be pretty useless and annoying to other players unless used in CQB, is heavy, and made out of penetratable material. Even then, I'm sure someone will still want to complain.

  3. BBwars_6094

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    There's someone at my local field who uses one of the Evike riot shields. He uses it very effectively in cqb environments, but it's really annoying to other players. People complain all the time. I generally dislike airsoft riot shields unless, as covertslayer mentioned, they're able to be penetrated and/or properly weighted as a real riot shield would be. To each their own though. You can buy a clear plastic riot shield off evike, although they seem very easy to diy with just some hardware and plastic/plywood/cardboard/any rigid material that comes in sheets. It's just two main components as far as I can tell; shield and handle (if you're fancy maybe a viewing window too)
  4. Unsilenced

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    Kind of annoying to do, given that you're basically carrying a wall to blindfire around.

    With special restrictions on them like only being able to use them with pistols or limiting the size and such maybe they'd be ok, but just entering a CQB match with one seems like a jerk thing to do.
  5. drivenbykarma

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    Yup..I've got the Evike shield ,which is actually pretty nice,and i've made a second one out of ...what is it pressed particle board or something,kinda like pegboard but without the holes,weirdly enough it started it's life as a cover for a baby's crib/playpen ,it needed to have a handle so it could be removed but strong and heavy enough(or able to withstand enough weight) that a damaged but motivated cat couldn't knock off,thus free'n it's self from it's temporary child's play pen cage/home. (I have a Bengal cat which got out on halloween and got hit on the highway,so after a 3k vet bill,his little butt needed to stay planted till his leg an hip healed,and i also had to have a way to keep him safe from my japanese bob tail "Balls" (honest to god he hasn't them anymore but his name is) Who is a bit of an aggressor towards the bengal)

    So anyways yeah after that was all said an done,it was a perfect size for a shield and using a Velcro strap attached to it as well as a nice open handle makes for a good position ,with appropriate coverage and still allows me to handle a pistol in that hand,while the other manages a gas operated automatic shotgun or light smg like the G.A.T. ...(Now this is only something i'd do in my private games,and is usually played with each team having their own shield/shotgunner. ...Also it doubles makes for good fun,if you can convince a g/f or friend to use it for protection while moving from point to point allowing you to shoot/practice on a moving target.

    So yeah sorry for the short speech an lack of any writing skills...i was jus giving my .02 and i dropped a 1/4.
  6. Tactical_Skittles

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    There is always at least one player at my field with a riot shield. I don't care for them. The users I've seen are generally on the lower end of the skill spectrum and don't take advantage of the shield to support teammates moving up.

    My field no rules regarding MED or grenades so it's very confusing when I try to surrender a shield user or when a shield user is within the kill radius of a grenade. I've actually seen one player start shoving others with his shield like it was COD.

    What would be impressive, however, is a true ballistic shield with wheels and a small viewing port...and a team of guys stacked up behind it as the user is slowly wheeling the shield forward.
  7. Dannyboyextreme

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    There is always one guy at least whenever I go, half of the times I have gone there was a fight because the riot shield user's a Dbag.
  8. Gryff

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    It's like polarstars. It's all about the user.