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    Hi forum,

    As a lot of you know I have HPA KC02. I will be receiving in the mail soon my RA Tech custom 6.03 650mm barrel. My question is since its 6.03 would porting be necessary.

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    What do you mean by porting?

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    I think he means porting at the end of the barrel. The little holes you see mainly on paintball barrels and RS guns. IMO I don't think it's neccissary for airsoft. In my years of airsofting i've never seen a ported barrel.
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    Porting barrels is not about the diameter of the barrel, more so related to the length and amount of air in the barrel.

    The idea is that it bleeds off extra air before the bb leaves the control of the barrel. Having an over volumed system will throw off your accuracy.

    Now, I've never seen it actually help, and for several reasons. There are very, very few systems out there that are that over volumed to require ports in the barrel. Especially with the barrel as long as yours is, it shouldn't need it.

    A barrel with a good crown on the end of the barrel really helps to control the bb as it leaves the barrel without the air rushing around excessively. Every quality tbb has a crown on the end of the barrel.

    And lastly, often times, a ported barrel just has the ports opened up into the outer barrel. If there is no room for the gas to excape, it's useless. Sort of like mimicing a silencer, they work by capturing gasses as they expand. If there's nowhere for the extra air to go, then it still *pops*

    In AEGs, this often doesn't work too well for the reason above. These barrels are more often found in sniper rifles, where they have large hollow outter barrels, and plenty of room for the air to escape. I'm not sure of the construction of your gun, but I doubt you'll see the benefits of a ported barrel by already having one of the longest barrels in airsoft.

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    thank you so much for your help. this really helped
    thanks Kevin