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    Hello everyone my names Manuel and today I have two big batteries to sell I got them yesterday but they were to big for my gun and the connector was too big as well I'm kinda new to air soft so I don't really know for what gun these batteries are for so there both up for sale here's some pics and I'm located in
    El Paso, TX
    So I'll ship no worries so if anyone is interested Pm me ok thank you all for viewing my
    Post and the price for both of them well I'm going to say both for 30 or offer trades in really needing

    M4 Mags


    Rails for a magpul PTS Masada

    ImageUploadedByAirsoft Society1455727804.874960.jpg ImageUploadedByAirsoft Society1455727819.510703.jpg ImageUploadedByAirsoft Society1455727830.059708.jpg ImageUploadedByAirsoft Society1455727843.660294.jpg