Batteries In my scope/red dot

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  1. airsoftgunner16_2

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    Hey guys I can't figure out how to put new batteries in this red dot. Help?

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  2. Knief

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    Use a broad flat head screw driver or a quarter to unscrew the top from the on/off/brightness dial. You'll find the battery in there. GO to the store and buy a replacement battery, pop the new one in, and screw the top back on.

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    Bring the battery you removed with you to ensure you get the correct replacement.
    I hated working at Radioshack when customers would come inside and say "I need a small round flat battery". I literally used to point at the wall o' small flat round batteries and say "have fun"
  4. airsoftgunner16_2

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    Yep, my mom figured out, pretty sad. She saw it and i told ER I saw you gotta unscrew it but I don't know how and shes like Take a hamma to eet (jk) she said, use a quarter