Battery Boxes

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  1. andy453

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    I have a smooth railed gun and my battery is housed inside the rail but it only holds small type batteries and I want to use a bigger battery. I have look at battery boxes and they don't have away to put them on a smooth railed gun. Any suggestions?
  2. Protectionperfection

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    You hav to have rails for a battery box for a front wired gun. If your handguard does not allow the installation of rails, you can upgrade to a handguard that does.
    First we need to know what gun you have
    if its an M4:
    1. Magpul moe handguards are great for M4 platforms and allow the installation of rails.
    2. upgrade to a railed handguard
    3. wire it to the rear. its not very hard and you can run a buffer tube lipo, a cranestock battery or a external battery bag.