BattleBattlefield CQB Boothwyn, PA (Delaware County)

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    Ridley Park

    I am the owner of Battlefield Indoor Airsoft Playing Field, 814 Conchester Hwy (Rte 322), Boothwyn, PA 19061 (2 miles from I95)

    We have a 13,000 sq ft facility and play fast pace games of airsoft indoors

    Open 6 Days a Week,

    Check out our website at for more information.

    Having a Timed Pistol Competition this Thursday, 26th at 7:00pm, 1/2 price to play all day

    Hoping you guys/gals will come and check us out :)
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    Contemplating gearing my son and looking at a full face mask that has metal mesh eyes, is this acceptable at your facility? Also he mentioned done sort of barrel to attach for safety and to prevent accidental trigger finger you require, please give details...thank you