Battlefield 4 Engineer Airsoft Loadout

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    Can you recognize the other accessories ? :confused:

    Link for a better image:

    1) coyote brown cap
    2) Ballistic glasses
    3) Comtac II style tactical headset
    4) Glow stick pouch
    5) Wrist Compass/Watch
    6) Outdoor Research Overlord Gloves
    7) IR strobe
    8) Medium admin pouch with american flag
    9) Triple M4 magazines pouch (with 3 M4 mags and fast clip plates)
    10) ITW fast mag
    11) Tactical arm band
    12) Extrema Ratio knife
    13) SOE cobra belt
    14) Frag pounch
    15) Retention lanyard
    16) Crye Precision AirFlex Knee Pads
    17) Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants
    18) Lowa elite combat boots
    19) TQS MET Tourniquet
    20) Chemical lights
    21) Glock
    22) Safariland Holster
    23) Tac link
    24) U94 PTT
    25) M18 smoke grenade
    26) Nippers
    27) Pouch
    28) Pouch
    29) First aid pouch
    30) Glow stick
    31) Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt
    32) LBT 6

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    No, I'm sorry. I'd like to, but I just can't.

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    This is a list from another BF4 kit thread somewhere (probably here) that I saved, if it helps at all:

    Total: $1,465
    AWS OCPC:$149
    CRYE G3 Shirt:$156
    Crye AC Pants:$180
    ITW Clip:$3
    ITW Fast Mag:$30
    TAG Dump Pouch:$25
    TAG Dual Mag Pouch:$35
    Fll Color Flag Patch:$5
    Gear Blended Hat:$28
    Safari land Hip Holster:$87
    Blue Force Gear Dual Pistol Mag Pouch:$28
    Outdoor Research Overlord Gloves:$145
    Cobra Belt:$65
    Helicopter Retention Lanyard:$26
    Pistol Lanyard:$24
    Hydration Pack and Bladder:$44
    TAG Document Arm band:$26
    M9 and 3 Mags:$150
    Kangaroo Insert:$28
    Headset Replica ComTac2:$84
    Wrist Compass:$35
    Midland Radios:$57
    Speaker Mic for 1 Radio:$18