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    i will be attending 2 dames in the next 2 weeks and only 1 sell's BB's (second week).

    so i decided to go buy some 0.20 and 0.25 BB's. ONLY BIO allowed in switzerland.

    i was waitting for the train and decided to take a look at the bb's and the 0.20 got me concerned. i took a pic and i think you guy's can see the bb's is not polished. in the pic with 3 bb's you can see the 2 on the left are polished and i already used plenty with no problem. but the bb on the right is not polished.

    i want to know if these bb's are safe to use on SR-25 and mk23 pistol.

    edit: the bb's are from umarex. bio bb's walther

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  2. krix0cris

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    i really need advice on this. im going to a game on sunday and i need to know if i can play with these. because im not sure if the field sell's BB's.

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    Are they "safe" to use? Yes. Unpolished BB's are not a danger.

    However, they may not feed/perform as well as properly polished BB's.
    At most, the worst thing that could possibly happen with them is a jam. As long as they feed fine, and fly to your satisfaction, they will do the job.