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    A couple of questions, do BDUs shrink when you wash them? Second of all, do thrift stores carry BDUs and pouches and etc?
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    Go to Army Surplus stores. Dont know about shrinking, but... Wash them in cold water without soap. Hang Dry.

    A vet (who is also an airsofter) put it to me this way... You think operators carry washer and dryer into the field? Dryer is hot and bangs it around. They wash their BDUs in a stream or hose with their bar soap. Commercial detergents are strong and will fade it all out.

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    BDUs (at least the BDUs I was issued in the late 90s - early 2000s) were of two varieties: warm weather poly-cotten blend rip-stop. They didn't shrink and held their color really well; cold weather all cotton (or mostly cotton, I honestly don't remember the fabric blend). They only shrank a little, not much to worry about. They did, however, fade very quickly with normal wear and washing.

    Can you get them at thrift stores? Who knows, go to a thrift store and see. Thrift stores are a mixed bag and you never really know what they have until you walk inside. You can usually find used BDUs on Ebay for a reasonable price. Most re-pro BDUs that you find in Army-Navy stores are way overpriced. Check out flea markets, Craigslist, or yard sales too.
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    If you want older styles, Army-Navy Surplus is the way to go. Some will carry more current issues but your best bet is getting them online. Tru-Spec and Propper are the best companies for camo from what ive learned and read... Knief is the gear god and knows all. So when he speaks here, listen and obey.