Beginner confused about a rifle, and choosing first rifle.

Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by Medic95, Nov 22, 2017.

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    So I came across this video, and I fell in love with this rifle.

    But upon googling the KWA SR12, I found that it is not only an AEG, but it sounds completely different and had no recoil in all of the other videos showcasing it.

    I’m confused how the video shows this as a gas, but all I can find is AEG. Maybe I’m looking at a different rifle than what I searched..?
    I have a gas blowback 1911 and love everything about it besides the smell of the gas. I’m thinking if I want some recoil and good sound in an airsoft rifle, I need to do gas again (and possibly a recoil kit..)

    1. I’m looking for anywhere from a Standard M4 to DMR length (I’ll consider anything that is as long as an M4, but M16 to even M110 length would be MOST ideal.)
    2. Full Metal
    3. Harsh Recoil (As much as you can get from an airsoft gun. I am aware that it will not compare to a real carbine in terms of “kick”.
    4. Good Sound. I hate the sound of AEG guns. I love the sound of the gun in the video.
    5. Under $700 (for just the rifle. I can buy optics and a foregrip later.)
    Any ideas on what I should get?

    Thank you,
  2. Medic95

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    Okay I just checked out the WE M16A3 and the LM4. Both look good. Thanks bro.

  3. legoclone09

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    Don't get a LM4. The WE is far better.
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    Having seen LM4's in person, they don't seem too reliable. Like legoclone just said WE tech is better. Plus WE has tons of upgrade potential, I haven't seen much for the LM4.
  5. connorhayden1999

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    I’ve had extensive experience with both KWA and WE Tech gar rifles. Kwa is definitely solid right out the gate where WE has room to improve, however WE is cheaper to run, has a wide range of aftermarket parts, and shoots hard as hell. On top of the fact that WE tech barrels use the Tokyo Marui VSR 10 system
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