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Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by OrangeShot, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. OrangeShot

    OrangeShot Guest

    Hey Guys, im very new to airsofting and was wondering what electric gun i should start out with for like a maximum of $80?....
    I also have no idea about which sites to trust like airsplat, or shortyusa.

    PLease and thank you!
  2. Divided Volta

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    I don't trust many guns under $100, but this is the one I'd say you should go for. It's a bit more than what you specified, but the best a quick search could find.
    CM028 AK47 Airsoft Gun by: CYMA - Airsoft GI - Welcome to the ultimate
    A friend of mine has that gun, and it's a solid performer. Fairly durable construction and hasn't let him down yet.

  3. Robin-Hood

    Robin-Hood Active Member

    I'm going to be perfectly honest here. I don't think there's one AEG for that price is really worth it. Save your $$ and get something like a JG, Echo 1, DBOys etc. Trust me in the long run IT WILL BE A LOT MORE WORTH IT! If you buy a cheap wallmart gun you will do nothing but regret it.
  4. SN1P3R

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    yup its a good one i have one. its not broken on me yet... the CYMA CM028S
  5. Tacticalairninja

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    $80, If you wanna play backyard ball then go look on walmarts website, if you want to play airsoft your going to need to save up some more (200+ for gun, mags, and gear)
  6. OrangeShot

    OrangeShot Guest

    Hmm What About $120?
  7. Sparky_D

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  8. Hawk TK-9401

    Hawk TK-9401 Member

    There are a lot of very nice guns to be had. Like Sparky D said, find a few and post them here so we can help you.

    I got my Echo 1 P90 on ebay for $140 shipped plus it came with 3,000 bbs. (I see one on there now for $130 shipped and it comes with an extra mag. Just use caution when buying used guns)
    I picked up my JG G36c from a member on these forums for only $75 shipped! And it came with a red-dot scope!
    SOMETIMES being patient and watching for deals like that really pays off!

    A good gun that was recommended to me from Airsoftgi is the M4A1.
    It has very high reviews there and its price is very nice at $115. PLUS you get free shipping! My bro in law just got one of those guns. Airsoftgi also tests the gun before they ship it to you, which is comforting.

    Anyway, hope that helps.
  9. gillie 1212

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    get a Jg mp5k when u have enough thats a good gun
  10. R.Hallahan

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    I would just buy a cm.028 and use it like ****. They are solid and have had many upgrades over the few years that series has been out, the cm.028 out now is a version 4! It has a metal receiver, metal barrel, metal 600 round hicap mag, imitation wood stock and handgrip, and various other metal parts, plus you get a large type battery that is 1500 mah, and large type charger, that is worth at least $30. Plus you can never go wrong with the AK47's versatility, you can use it for an open play, or a milsim. Buy the cm.028, a russian chicom chest rig, some russian camo, and 5 extra MAG midcaps (which are $12 a piece). and you are good to go for a MILSIM! you wouldn't even need the extra stuff for an openplay.
  11. phantom

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    why jg. echo 1 is better! If any of you guys are familiar with paintball jg would be to proto and echo 1 would be Dye. Both the same manufactuar just different qulity products.
  12. deathmechanic

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    E1 equals=dboy jg cyma kart and other brands. Just with there name on it and a extra quality check. The guns are the same internally ive compared a E1 to the original a couple times the only difference i have found once is a shim job and more grease.

    Exact same nothing different.
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  13. ZQ_13

    ZQ_13 New Member

    If you like the C.M. 028 then get that. One of my friends has one and I must say its an impressive gun for $95. The overall finish is very nice (the imitation wood looks so real), it shoots great, and is very reliable. In my book its a no-brainer.... Great gun....end of story.
  14. policeteen94

    policeteen94 Guest

    That looks like a nice gun. Im considering that one. But how does this one look. JG M4 Electric Airsoft Gun Rifle 6604
  15. johngol10

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    If you are really going for 80-,then you should check out the boyi comes with 2 stocks,2 grips,2 mags-hi-cap and low-cap,grenade launcher(shotgun type,pump and shoot 1 bb)peq2 box,T grip,sling,speedloader,battery ad charger.then again,it should really be only used for backyard battles.oh i found something cool too.go on have the cyma cm032 for $69