Beginners guide for what you need for airsoft

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  1. connorbarton

    connorbarton New Member

    What you need to be a good airsoft player is,
    1. You need a mask and a helmet to protect your head and face.
    2. You will need a airsoft gun.
    3. BBs
    4. A vest
    5. And last long pants

    You can play this game at a local airsoft field,or even in your backyard. All it takes is 2 people for you to play airsoft. Or you could play by yourself and do target practice. Once you bought a gun fill the BB packs with BBs then your ready to go.

    Thanks for reading stay tuned for my next article about modifying airsoft guns. And which airsoft gun is the best. Thanks for reading and I'll see you later.
  2. Shadow_Nugz

    Shadow_Nugz Active Member

    Sioux City
    Are you sure you need pants? Can't I just wear short shorts and call it good?

  3. Knief

    Knief Moderator Moderator

    Ann Arbor

    Please don't write any more guides. Let the players with years of experience handle the advice. Spend your time here reading, asking well thought out questions, and learning more about our great hobby.
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