Best Airsoft Glock for <= $120?

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by MADR77, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. MADR77

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    I used to like older handguns, like my m1911 per say, but since discovering the Glock 19, I have absolutely fallen in love with it. So I finally decided to purchase an airsoft replica that I plan to upgrade the hell out of. My question is: What is the best brand glock I can buy for under $120? I would like to stay around $100 if possible, but if the handgun is worth it then I can go a bit higher.

    I used to own WE G18c but turns out they all have ****** nozzles so it broke in less than a month. I know there are upgrade parts available for nozzles, but I would like to stay away from WE if possible. So far the coolest ones I have seen so far (and by a long shot) are the Stark Arms glocks. They are relatively inexpensive and from what I've heard they are pretty good. Unfortunately I don't know a lot about the brand so I was hoping someone here could help me out. Thanks!

    Edit: I should probably state that I like all Glock models except the G34

  2. ZS1YankeeBravo

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    I would also recommend the KJW G23/32c series. You can find them on WGCShop, hobby (occasionally) and in the classifieds on here.

    Best of luck, mate!
  3. MADR77

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    Well I was wrong in saying that I love the g19 the most. Currently the G26 is what I am going for but the only brands out there are WE and TM that have G26s. Are there any others??
  4. leber026

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    Fort Wayne
    Kjw makes a g27 which is modeled after the TM g26
  5. MADR77

    MADR77 Well-Known Member

    Yep that is correct. I just found that out yesterday.. may look into that.
  6. meh

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    Stark arms Glocks run around $100. I'm trading for one soon I just need to ship my part.......(darn vacation lol)
  7. FrcAirsoft

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    For $100 you won't get better than a stark. But the Starks are amazing to say the least. And the externals are the best ootb.

    Another option is if you can find one you can get a tm g17 used for a little more. I was able to score a mint condition one for $120 last week.
  8. Jonnyboyman

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    Here in Hong Kong I see brand new TM Glocks sold for $110 all the time in stores, just don't think they sell them for that price online...
  9. Munishin

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    Problem is OP wants to be able to upgrade. SA has the weakest aftermarket support out of all the major line up of glocks. He'd be better off getting a KJW or even WE in this case. Now if he wants to run it stock then I would agree. He should get the SA.
  10. MP5User

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    KJW G23... G19 compact size, aftermarket compatibility, reliable performance. Even the WE G19 is really not that bad and I'd still choose WE over Stark. Stark is an aesthetic brand and if you want to upgrade, look elsewhere.

    Marui is he best option but they don't offer something in the compact class and they are going to be slightly more expensive.
  11. MADR77

    MADR77 Well-Known Member

    I have decided between 2 guns. I will either get the WE G27 or the KJW G23. Just need to sit and think on it for a bit. Thanks everyone!!