Best Airsoft LMG that qualifies for MSW.

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    I need an airsoft lmg so I sold my M4...pricing doesn't matter but it needs to qualify for MSW (NATO team) and has to be customizable internally.

    Price Range//doesn't matter


    Preferred Models//any NATO LMG

    What role//not sure yet so anything will help
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    For milsim, m249, m240, m60, stoner 63. Anything that looks like an m4 with a box mag will likely not be allowed to be used as an lmg. The stoner 63 (g&p) is certianly the lightest option, but you'll want to upgrade the gearbox (as v2 gb aren't going to hold up if you plan to use it as a serious lmg)
    I prefer classic army m249s as they look good and thier gb are built like tanks. Not the lightest, but certianly my favorites.
    M60 I've only had experience with two: Inokatsu and A&k. Inokatsu are expensive (1k < ) but I like mine. Heavy, built like a tank and everyone knows the brand name.
    The A&k m60 I had was the E1 (or vn). Give the barrel a good cleaning before you use it, but overall it was surprisingly decent. Used it back in operation pine plains and put it to heavy use during the second day of OPP (many 6-10 second bursts)
    Only 240 I own is trigger happy's. It long, but the aluminum body makes it lighter than it seems. I've got a Prometheus tbb in it, as the stock barrel left a bit to be desired in the accuracy department...
    Take note: the m60s and 240s out there mostly come with cardboard box mags, while more realistic, cardboard doesn't hold up well under repeated use, so you may want to think about having a plastic box made (though A&k does use plastic box mags with the m60e4/MK.43)
    The stoner 63 is the lightest option, but I'd say try to go for a Classic Army m249, as it is the best all around mg in my opinion.
    Two things to make note of: first, invest in a good padded sling, as you will feel the weight of these things after running around all day. Second, other than the stoner, all these mgs are full auto only, which is a problem in buildings at milsim games, as the rule is no full auto fire inside buildings (firing out from one is fine though!), which is a problem as your fire selector settings are "safe" & "fire"
    The solution? A decent sidearm (pistol or semi capable smgs work well, a spring shotgun can also work here, but remember, you're already carrying a cumbersome primary, why compound that? Personally, I've found my TM 1911s or kwa mp7 make perfect sidearms).
    Or simply, if my rambling is putting you to sleep, try to get a CA M249, a good sling and a sidearm. That should set you up for the support gunner role in milsim events!