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Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by TUI_741, Mar 16, 2016.

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    Hi guys,

    My team needs a gunner so I sold my M4 so I can buy a LMG...but I don't know anything about airsoft LMG's :confused: so any ideas my budget is <400USD and it need to be a M249/M240/M60 (basically any USO-based gun)
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    Classic army stoner lmg and A&k or classic army m249 are great choices. I like my stoner lmg better. It is almost half the weight of the m249 and the gearbox is built rock solid. It gets better range and has more external options for customization because of the rails on the side, top, and bottom of the handguard.

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    You can actually buy a high capacity motorized magazine for the M4 that will basically make it an LMG. I do have an A&K M249 which is a blast to shoot but it is heavy at 16LBS. I also am not real impressed with the magazine that comes with it. But the gun itself seems to be solid and has worked flawlessly so far. I have read that the gearbox in them is heavier duty for sustained full auto fire. I have also read that the A&K is considered the best by many except for their magazine. Which the magazine on mine is very loud and sounds like a rock crusher. it also has trouble keeping up with long full auto bursts, after 30-40 seconds it will misfeed I have to let off the trigger for second so it can catch up.
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    The m4 gearbox will not hold up with sustained fire. It is prone to cracking and will crack over time no matter if you radius the gearbox or not. A gearbox built specifically for an lmg is far superior in this respect. They are much thicker and more durable by leaps and bounds. Also, just adding a box mag to an m4 does not turn it into an lmg in any aspect. It's still just an m4 but now it has a big magazine.

    I have both CA and A&K box mags and the A&k has been better in feeding and reliability, the CA box shell is made of a better material. I don't trust sound activation at all so I wire all my box mags directly to the trigger switch, making the box mag run off of the guns battery. Doing this makes it feed flawlessly and holds up with much a higher rate of fire. I can shoot the entire mag on one trigger pull if I desired (not recommended to do because it can cause damage shooting that much with a single trigger pull, but very possible to do).