Best Airsoft Techs?

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    Hello, all!

    Well, I'm headed off to college at the end of next week... Problem is, my gun is not in working order. My gun locks when I try firing it (may be due to shimming too tight...), my Raptor's motor connector snapped off, the hopup is not in working order... I have neither the time nor the willpower to force myself to work on it (I had a really bad week several weeks ago and no longer have any desire to work on AEGs (for now, at least)... in one week of working on my brother's and my guns I fried my brother's Raptor, broke the motor peg off of his motor, snapped my motor connector, and made my gearbox start locking up when I swapped out the spring (not sure why... maybe I greased it too much and the grease got between the shims? Not sure...))

    Anyway, long story short, I am simply fed up of working on these guns. I have put in dozens and dozens of hours working on them over the past (almost) year, and I have still been unable to get them working 100%.

    Anyway, I am considering sending them to a professional tech to get them in working order. Could somebody give me a list of who are generally considered the best gun techs around? I've never paid attention to them, since I figured I'd never need their services...

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    Hs5, DM, Frank Chu, Mnmetalhead1 should be good, etc.

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    No clue about Frank Chu, yes he works at ASGI and bla bla bla, ASGI does over charge tho....
    DON'T go to AEX....they just suck...can't even shim a V4 gear box properly.... (V4 is probably the easiest GB to work with....easier than the V6....)

    HS5 for sure, no doubt.
    Mystikal, he's the ONLY person who makes the HS5 FET.
    Chaos, HS5's designer/3D diagram drawer, he has a pretty kick *** KJW M700....(50psi shoots over 500fps :p)
    And pretty much all the people who work with HS5. (Trust me....he doesn't just randomly pull someone in...)

    HS5 is REALLY busy right now tho, was just talking to him this morning :p
    He's behind the R&D schedule so don't even bother him.
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    Ha, I was putting Frank Chu in there for the heck of it. What about Death Mechanic?
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    Im no where near pro. Taking a break from building working on my own machined GB, and hopups. Im no where near HS5 or half the guys on ASM, but I know my way around.
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    Alright, thanks for the reply.

    On HS5's armory I don't see tech services (and I'd imagine he'd charge a lot).
    I'm not sure who "DM" is (EDIT: Nvm, lol).
    Does Frank Chu do independent work, or only through Airsoft GI? And do they work on guns bought from other retailers?
    I'll do some more reading about Mnmetalhead1 .

    Anyway, more suggestions are welcome. How are the prices of each of the above-mentioned techs? (In the OP, I should've been more specific and said "best techs for a relatively low price").

    EDIT: Ah, thanks for the replies, everyone else! I will go back and reread those.
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    I don't know, I trust you

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    Pienoob does work. It took a while for him to return my rifle but everything came and I am pleased with the result.
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    Star_Folder as well. (20 characters)