"Best" Barrel Length KJW M700

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    Hello all,
    I own a kjw m700 and am in the process of upgrading it. So far I have installed the g&g rubber kit, king arms airseal bucking, and set up a 20oz Co2 regulator rig. I am also planning on teflon taping over the bucking/barrel and installing barrel spacers to cut down on barrel vibration. I currently have the stock inner barrel in the gun, and I am looking to upgrade to a better barrel. As of right now, I am considering either contacting edgi and seeing if they can make me a 6.03mm bull barrel, or getting a much cheaper prometheus 6.03mm barrel since kjw m700's will supposedly accept aeg barrels. The main problem I am facing is that I do not know what length barrel to get. The stock barrel is 630mm long; however, I have heard that this length is longer than necessary and may actually hinder the gun's performance. From what I have heard, 455mm seems to be the "ideal length" for barrels; However, I want to get this confirmed before I swap my 630mm barrel for a 455mm barrel only to find that I lose accuracy and range. In short, my question is (generally speaking) "What length barrel will give me the best overall accuracy and range in my kjw m700?" I realize that a good deal of accuracy and range depends on the hop up you are using but I also believe that a good barrel will contribute. If anyone has any personal experience with experimenting with barrels in the kjw m700 please let me know what you have discovered and what works best. Specific brands, lengths, and barrel diameters would be helpful also.

    Things to consider:
    -I am currently using .43g bbs in my m700, and I heard that a longer barrel than "normal" is necessary to guide the heavy bb as it gains momentum and spin from the hop up. In other words, because the bb is heavier than other bbs, it takes more time to build momentum and gain enough spin from the hop up to be performing at its maximum potential; therefore, it requires a longer barrel than a lighter bb would. I am not sure if this is true. If this is true, however, my question is "how much longer?"
    -If I were to use a shorter barrel (455mm for example) my plan is to cut the outer barrel to the appropriate length and possibly add an adapter and mock suppressor. Because I am willing to cut the outer barrel, using a shorter barrel than the gun was designed for would not be a problem for me... I am just not sure if I should use a shorter barrel.
    -AEG barrels, unlike vsr barrels, do not have the small indented line (parallel to the barrel) that the hop up bucking "clicks" into, securing it on the barrel. However, I have heard that this is not a problem and that the bucking will work just fine. Can anyone confirm this?

    I realize that this is a rather lengthy bit of information, but I wanted to make sure that there was no confusion and that we are on the same page. If you did read this whole passage, then thank you for your time, here is an honorary smiley face :)
    Thanks again, I would appreciate any bit of information you can give on the subject.