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    So I live in Northern Utah and I was wondering what the best camouflage would be. The two I have been looking at are arid and desert well thanks for the help in advance. :confused:
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    I have airsofted in Northern Utah for a few years, and the terrain can change dramatically along the Wasatch front, as well as throughout the year as the spring greenery dries out in the summer, and then with snow coming.

    I would not recommend desert colors unless you're going to central or southern Utah where it gets really dry. Northern Utah gets too much water and greenery.

    ACU "blues" work surprisingly well if you've got a lot of sagebrush or rocks you can crouch into. They also do decently in the winter with light snow.

    Woodland or MCU is good in the spring or early summer in denser brush or forest. In open grassy spaces I find it's too dark and stands out.

    Flecktarn works quite well in the fall when the leaves turn orange, but is too dark for other drier times.

    Multicam has been the best overall year-round camo. It blends with green grass. It blends with dry grass. It blends with trees. They only time when it doesn't work so well is in the winter when nothing is very green. They developed it for Afghanistan, which has a very similar climate to Utah.

    Hunting camo deserves a mention too because usually your local hunting stores carry patterns that work well in the local terrain and seasons.