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Best Clone Optic; Aimpoint/EoTech

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Looking for a new optic for my 416. I want something with a CLEAR reticle (My UTG Red/Green Dot optic is fuzzy) and it needs to be modeled after or in the style of an EoTech Holo or an Aimpoint Micro.

I've found websites that sell identical clones, but most look pretty sketchy.

In terms of Aimpoint I've found the following:

Anything you guys recommend? Thank you as always!
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a comment on snitactical- I've ordered from them many times, they're perfectly fine. the aimpoint m2 clone they sell sucks, the eotech w mag setup is pretty decent though
I think i'd like to get this set.
i have that set in tan. i like it. i put it on a real steel sbr just to see if held zero and it did through 500 rounds. its back on an as rifle where it belongs now but its a decent setup.
honestly though.. my real suggestion is to wait and pick up a used real aimpoint. i have 2 comp m2s. i paid $150 for one with mount, and $75 for the other. better than any clone and the right price.
i wouldnt dream of using my thermals or nv stuff on airsoft. too expensive for that
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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