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    I am looking for the best airsoft fields on the east coast. My home filed is ballahack airsoft field. They are only open Saturday and Sunday and they average 100 people each day. I am looking for other fields that have a similar turn out on a regular day. Please give me some recommendations and let me know what your average turn out is at those locations. Thank you.
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    Out of all the fields I have played on, Ballahack is leaps and bounds better than the rest. I keep trying to find more like it, but have yet to find one that stacks up. Either the field is good with good employees but has much too low of a turn out, or the turn out is good but the field management is incompetent or the rule sets are too restrictive to have fun. I have also came across a couple very nice places with great people, but the field is not developed enough or just too small.

    I will be tracking this post, just in case a great field gets mentioned that I have not been to yet, but fields like Ballahack are far and few between, here on the east coast at least. The only other fields I can say was as fun as Ballahack, and had good turn outs, were temporary one time events. If I could find one good place near me, I would get back into playing instead of only teching on guns.
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    I agree I've been playing Ballahack since 2010. Haven't seen a field better than it.
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    Sorry for the late reply. You won't find another field like BHack. However, there are a couple of other fields in VA.

    In the NOVA are is Pev's. They are a paintball field that has a dedicated airsoft section. I can't tell you their numbers as I haven't been there.

    In the Hampton area Bethel is another paintball park that holds airsoft games on occasion. Again, I can't provide any player numbers.

    In Lanexa is New Kent, yet another paintball field that hosts the occasional airsoft game.

    In Richmond is the XZone. A paintball field attached to a church that holds, or did hold, the occasional airsoft game. GI Tactical did a couple of ops here.

    The Swamp is in Hayes and Zach, the former manager at GI Tactical, enjoyed playing there.

    Roanoke Airsoft has a field in Moneta. Though it's within 30 minutes of me, I haven't been. Personal issues with their manager/former manager has kept me away.

    And my personal favorite is Augusta Airsoft in Stuarts Draft. Bo Willetts runs a good field, has a solid 50 or so players on most Saturdays and promotes a fun, safe game style. If you go, tell him Wil sent you.
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    What issues if you wouldn't mind. I only ask because I'm thinking about going there.
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    Dito on the post above

    I have played there (Roanoke) a few times in the last few months without in issues. I am interested in what things may be of issue?

    Also how is the field setup in Draft?
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    My issues with two of the former managers were indeed personal and not connected with RA. One was an issue that forced me to remove the individual from both the airsoft team and the real steel instruction side of my LLC. The one that took his place was a whiny person that had the honor of being banned from AA permanently. Neither of those issues had anything to do with the store or field, but would have made any attendance there very uncomfortable for me.

    Augusta Airsoft is set as three small towns and a two building outpost. It features several stationary vehicles, buses, two story buildings and a trench system. I know Mr. Willetts has added stuff in the last year, but my hip issues and subsequent surgery has kept me away and out if the game till now.
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